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Meet The Team

Our awesome team at Go Get It Enterprises, LLC. is ready and willing to help you build and take your business to the next level.
Whether you need a professional photographer to our expert financial adviors, we have the team to make sure you get your business to be successful.

Rika E Studios

Rika E Studios



Rika E Studios was founded by Sherika Marie Ellison in January 2011. It started out in Colorado Springs, Colorado, but was then relocated to Boston, MA in March of 2012 where it is currently located today. Rika E studios provide great photos at great quality prices. We specialize in all kinds of photography such as shows, parties, clubs, outdoors, indoors and etc. You name it we provide it... Do you have a photo that needs some fixing? Well, we can do that to. We guarantee customer satisfactory and we will save you money. Rika E Studios even provides services in videos. We can edit a homemade video or we can record a video; we do it all.


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EMJ Financial Services

EMJ Financial Services



EMJ Financial Services was founded by Elizabeth M. Johnson in August 2007. Elizabeth currently holds a BA in Accounting and Finance and is in the process of becoming an Enrolled Agent (EA) governed by the IRS. She has over 10 years of experience in budgeting, accounting and tax.


I specialize in working with clients who are struggling to support and educate their families in these tough economic times.  From daycare expenses to college expenses; from contributing to a retirement plan to starting their own business, we work together to map out a plan for their financial future.


I also help clients fill out W4 forms and understand IRS/State notices.  I make complicated tax situations understandable to my clients while helping them pay the least amount of tax legally owed.


My services allow me to sort out plans for a financial future that will support personal dreams and long term goals.

  • Tax return filing and tax planning for individuals and small businesses

  • Bookkeeping and financial statements for businesses

  • Corporate tax return filing

  • Budget Planning

  • Audit Assistance

  • Financial Analysis

  • Payroll Services

  • Incorporating small to mid-sized non-profit and for profit businesses.


Accounting & Finances

490 North Main Street Ste 3

Randolph, MA 02368

Phone: 781-885-7910





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Steven M Barthell

Steven A Barthell


What do you get when you mix pure hunger with purified purpose? You get Steven A.

Barthell. An individual willing to go the distance to make sure their dream is vividly and

powerfully realized through his passion for writing and speaking. Born in Boston, MA and raised in Miami, FL, it’s not every day you meet a man who truly strives to embody the essence of being a Renaissance figure. Steven Barthell is one that seeks through various mediums to behold the greater meanings in life. He is a man that finds them and through his own creative work, holds pearls of wisdom out for the masses to see. One would have to be both deaf and blind to be unaware that Steven Barthell is as much a downright hard worker as he is an active passionate dreamer.


What began as motivational speaking and self expression on relationships through YouTube, has now turned into a well rounded career of previously hosting the monthly show “Shine” on Boston’s BNN channel, being a weekly panelist on Single Ladies Café online radio station and facilitating various workshops. He has also become a respected published author. In his debut book, “Women R Stupid & Men R the Reason” Barthell consistently pushes for people to reach their highest potential in relationships saying, “ Joys and pains of relationships and courtship, loving, learning and marrying go hand in hand. At the end of the day you have to figure out your motives, your requirements and if you’re willing to fight the good fight. You court, you learn, you love, you marry and go through the joys and pains.”


For most, they simply rely on these kinds of titles to speak volumes for their accomplishments. But to hear Barthell tell his story of how he reached this level of success, he without a doubt would tell anyone about the struggles that gave the journey its’ meaning. “I’ve conquered a lot of demons that I used to deal with and I tell people to do the same. It’s time to step up and take responsibility for our own lives. At the end of the day it’s your responsibility.” Steven A. Barthell has seen his share of downfalls as a former member of failed singing groups, relationships that went downhill, and auditions that went nowhere; Barthell chose to grow from the hardships of his youth. It was after these experiences that Barthell began taking a positive outlook on life, rather than the negativity he was used to and literally spoke his dreams into existence.


Now at 31 years old the man behind the book, the camera, and the microphone has grown and come full circle. This is just the beginning for a young man whose dreams carry his feet forward through and beyond what he sees into the futuristic solutions he continuously brings forth into a world starving for more positive forces and people will to go the distance to achieve their dreams.

Author, Public Speaker, Advocate
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Rodney Kornegay 


Financial Advisor

Rodney Kornegay has been a financial professional with New York Life for 3 years. Mr. Kornegay graduated from College of St.Joseph (VT)  in 2001-2002 earning a  Bachelors degree in Management as well as a Bachelors degree in Finance. Mr. Kornegay is a current Executive Council Member as well as Million Dollar Round Table Aspirant.


Mr. Kornegay focuses on funding for qualified and non qualified plans, wealth accumulation, college funding, estate preservation, disability income insurance, employee benefits and tax advantaged strategies. Mr. Kornegay currently resides with his family in Brockton, Massachusetts.

Financial Services Professional 

Agent, New York Life Insurance Company

Registered Representative

NYLIFE Securities LLC

Member FINRA/SIPC, A Licensed Insurance Agency

One Lakeshore Center, Bridgewater MA 02324


Phone:  508-279-4462

Fax: 508-279-4402

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Ladies of Destine


Takiyah Roberson and Dominque Alston
Event Planners

Phone: (857) 234-2922


We can plan your special event from start to finish. Come in with a vision and we will make it reality. It's only a dream Until its created by Destine'. We have a dedicated list of professional D.J's that are available for small parties and functions.

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