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Your brand is the impression your firm makes in the minds of your clients, prospect and potential employees. And that impression is formed at many touch points. We help your business identify these touch points and build engagement at each one.


Every brand consists of two components: Reputation  x  Visibility = Brand


Our branding services address both of these critical factors — raising the profile of your business’ expertise. Pricing varies. Please contact us for a quote.

Our industry experts bridge the gap between your goals and specified business outcomes. Engage us when you are not sure how to get to where you need to go—and you can’t afford to spend time and resources on solutions that don’t work. We work with you to define your requirements and create the strategy that will achieve your organization’s most ambitious goals. Walk away with an implementation plan to get there. We review your current processes using proven tools and methodologies. We identify and prioritize where you can improve to gain efficiencies in your business. The first hour is free and we bill in 4 hour increments at $90 per hour.
  • Virtual and Personal Assistance – With the advancements in technology, faster broadband and enhanced communication, office professional can provide administrative and other support services without having to be on site. You’ll be matched with a team of computer-trained, administrative experts who can provide everything from traditional office support to highly specialized project management.  For a little more hands-on services, you can also be matched with a Personal Assistant that can assist you with things such as house sitting, running errands, traveling arrangements, relocation services, pet sitting and walking, and much more.

  • Motor vehicle purchasing and maintenance – Through extensive research, we assist with purchasing the car for YOU.  We can also help you avoid the troubles of car buying by doing the footwork for you.

  • Fashion and Image Consulting – Specializing in men fashion; casual, business and formal.

  • Small Business Start-up – Assist with all your business start-up needs such as obtaining a Tax ID, identifying your business structure, corporate identity and branding and more.

  • Event Planning – Many of our clients need groundbreaking ideas to get their product or service out.  One way we help them is by creating special events. From launch parties to private business networking gatherings, our team of event planners produce and manage dazzling events from inception to completion with the goal of getting you seen and making money.

  • Basketball Advisor – With over 15 years of basketball experience, we arm you with the tools to becoming a better coach or player through strength and conditioning training and sport education.

  • Credit Rehab/Home buying – Entry-level credit repair.  We also help you get ready, by arming you with tools to help you prepare for the purchase your first home. 

  • Business Etiquette – From hosting a business meal, knowing the proper handshake or colors to wear with business attire,  to learning the cultures and manners of abroad, we give you tips on how to present yourself in a professional manner that will make everyone take you seriously. 

  • CD Duplication – For all of your CD and DVD duplication needs with a small quantity of up to 1000, we also help you with sales and services.

  • Security Services – Providing licensed, bonded, armed and unarmed security services.  We also provide training on what it takes to enter the field of security and law enforcement.


Online marketing has changed the professional services marketing landscape. Traditional tactics, such as networking, sponsorships and print advertising, are giving way to powerful digital tools with broader reach and powerful analytics. While traditional marketing isn’t going away quite yet, online media offer a lot of advantages — speed, lower costs, real-time feedback and a wealth of measurement tools.


Online vs. traditional marketing

Our research shows that the fastest growing firms use a combination of online and traditional marketing techniques. At Go Get It, LLC, we’ve uncovered the optimal balance — and the online tools that generate the highest return on your marketing investment. But not all techniques are right for every business or every industry. Many businesses get the balance wrong. We have the expertise and processes to tailor an online marketing program to your situation.


Marketing pricing varies per case. Please contact us for a quote.

Officiating Solutions

We love sports, just as much as you do. That is why we strive to make managing games simpler for everyone. From game officials to score keepers, we take steps to ensure each person involved in the sport can stay focused, while we handle the busywork. We provide high quality approved and professional basketball, lacrosse and flag football officials for your sporting events. We also provide all training for officials as well. Please contact us for pricing.



At Go Get It Enterprises, LLC we enjoy broad professional recognition, extensive speaking experience, awards, and – most importantly – the ability to captivate your audience. All of our speakers are skilled at educating and motivating people from both technical and non-technical backgrounds. We offer motivational training for sales professionals to get into the technologies, and we supercharge the technical and engineering professionals with renewed interest in their respective fields. Pricing starts at $150.00 per hour, per event in the Greater Boston Area. For speaking outside of the Greater Boston Area, please contact us for pricing.

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